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Steven Safieh


Real Estate Lawyer





Buying or Selling or Refinancing a Residential or Commercial Property.


Planning for the transfer of assets after death.

Appointing someone to manage assets and make health care decisions.


Interpretation of Wills, Guardianship Applications, Issues with Estate Trustees.

Offering you great service at an affordable price

If you are looking to buy, sell, or refinance your home, you will need a real estate lawyer to close the deal - and you can depend on us for the job.


We deal with all variety of mortgages and lenders, whether they be the Big Banks (RBC, CIBC, TD, BMO), the secondary lenders, or vendor take-back mortgages. We'll explain why title insurance is a common means of ensuring your deal is protected from defects in title (such as title fraud). If there are easements on your property or other curious interests, we'll investigate the records at the relevant Land Registry Office, and we'll explain everything to you in language you can understand.   In brief, we'll make sure you are both informed and comfortable throughout the entire process.

At some point, you will want to plan for the transfer of your assets upon your death.   This might involve specific assets (house, car, jewellery) going to particular people.   It might involve holding assets in trust for young people.   It will certainly involve someone you trust overseeing the process of transferring those assets.  The place to document these thoughts is in your Last Will and Testament.  

You will also want to ensure that a trusted person is appointed to manage your wealth prior to your death if you are no longer able to do so yourself.   As well, you might want that same person, or another person, to make health care decisions on your behalf.   Documents that appoint individuals to make these important decisions on your behalf are called Powers of Attorney.

We can ensure your intentions are clearly outlined in your Will, and your Powers of Attorney.    

COVID-19 CONCERNS?  Don't Worry.  We can sign all documents via videoconference (Zoom, Teams, etc.)



Steven Safieh

Steven Safieh was born and raised in Toronto.  He began working as a Lawyer in 1995. He approaches every transaction with the utmost professionalism and patience. Steven keeps you involved, and personally guides you in making important decisions about your deal, calmly and effectively. He never forgets that clients are people with unique emotions and values. He will let you know what is going on at every stage, and explain every small detail so that you are in charge. Steven is qualified to practice law in the Province of Ontario, in the State of California, and in England & Wales.

real estate lawyer in Toronto
real estate lawyer in Toronto

Michelle Sousa Melo

Michelle was born and raised in Toronto. She has been a practicing paralegal for 12 years, and she has been dedicated to real estate transactions for 17 years. As a member of the Law Society of Ontario, she ensures high standards in her work, and addresses every little detail, regardless of how minor, en route to closing a deal. Michelle imparts her knowledge to future law clerks as a Law Instructor at Trios College. She is also a Commissioner of Oaths.

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Fax: (647) 558-1420

Location -  25 Morrow Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2H9,  Canada

real estate lawyer in Toronto


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